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10 Липня 2017

What does "confirmation of sufficient financial situation" signify for foreigners in Ukraine?

Ukraine, like any other European country, allowing foreigners to enter its territory, wants to be ensured that they have enough money for living and in scattered instances for leaving the country. The EU calls this practice "avoidance of a financial load on the country's economy".
In 2013, the Cabinet of Ministers clarified in its ruling what “the confirmation of sufficient financial situation” meant for foreigners.
The alien must have means at 20 times of the subsistence level for one person. Today this amount is 32 480 hryvnias. It is important to note that it is not permanent, since it depends on the subsistence level. The aforementioned amount is set before December 1, 2017. These funds are necessary if the foreigner wishes to stay in Ukraine for a month.
The minimum amount is 6496 hryvnas (if the foreigner wishes to spend only one day in Ukraine). To calculate it, we divide 32 480 into the average number of days in a month (30) and multiply by the number of days that the foreigner plans to spend in Ukraine. But it is necessary to add 5415 (5 reserve days) to this amount.
These requirements do not extend to:
foreigners who have a permanent residence permit;
refugees or persons who require permanent or temporary protection;
persons under the age of 18;
foreign tourists cruising;
crews of air and sea vessels, both military and civilian, brigades of international communication trains;
individuals who enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities.
The overseeing over the existence of sufficient financial means is carried out:
in diplomatic representations and consular offices of Ukraine, the department of the consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on registration of visas for entry to Ukraine;
at checkpoints (checkpoints) across the state border when implementing border management in the second line control procedure;
territorial bodies or subdivisions of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship during the extension of the period of stay in the territory of Ukraine and when making invitations to foreigners  to obtain a visa for entry into Ukraine.
The overseeing can be carried out by showing funds (in national or foreign currency), payment card, a travel service agreement, a reservation or payment for housing, food, a document indicating the amount of cash on the basis of which it is possible to receive funds in the banking institutions of Ukraine, a travel ticket or a letter of guarantee from the host party inviting the alien.
It should be emphasized that even if there is a guarantee letter from the host country, in which the host party assumes all expenses associated with the alien's stay, a certain amount of money is still necessary for him. But, unfortunately, it is not established, and is determined situationally.